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What Makes Green Arrow Costume the Best for Cosplay?

Green Arrow has been around for many decades, but it is also one of the most underappreciated comic book characters. People go crazy when a new Batman, Superman, Ironman, or Spiderman movie is announced. Many still do not know that Green Arrow is DC Comics’ unsung warrior who fights more realistic problems than other superheroes.

Many DC and Marvel Universe characters are nowadays busy in fighting extraterrestrial enemies. The Arrow, on the other hand, fights against poverty and racism which are more realistic issues of our society. That’s why he quickly became popular when introduced in TV series. Every kid and action-adventure lover finds Arrow’s story fascinating. That’s why many pro cosplayers choose to wear Green Arrow Cosplay Costumes in mega-events.

green arrow is one old and epic superhero is dc comics

Why Green Arrow costume?

Arrow is everything a good person ever wants to be for this society. He owns an amazing bow and a set of lethal arrows which he uses whenever fighting public enemies. Arrow is an amazing character who does not own any superpower because he is a common human being. He only knows archery and he is damn good in it. That’s why his enemies never get succeeded in their evil intentions. Arrow’s costume is pretty unique and impressive. You just need a fit physique to portray this DC Comics character in a cosplay event. You will indeed win many hearts if you choose to be Green Arrow.

The Green Arrow costume includes a mask, Stephen Amell Arrow jacket, Green Arrow west, outdoor pants, leather gloves, work boots, a set of Green Arrow bow, arrow, and archery arm guard. All these things can be easily available online. You can place an order for the whole costume and it will not cost a lot of money. It is obvious that you will look awesome in that costume.

arrow leather hood coat is the most important feature for cosplay him

Why should you cosplay The Arrow?

There are many amazing characters to choose from when it comes to cosplaying a fictional character. You can pick a character from a famous video game, anime series, comic book, and also from Sci-Fi movies and TV shows. There are hundreds of characters to choose from. So, why should you choose Green Arrow?

First of all, Arrow is quite popular and not many people portray it in cosplay events. You can do something different and interesting if you want to grab the audience’s attention. The following reasons make Arrow the best character to portray in Cosplay events:

  • He is one of DC’s most popular characters:

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, etc. were the most popular DC Comics characters before 2012. Many people did not know much about Green Arrow before that because he was not featured in many movies or TV shows. Greg Berlanti then decided to try something that no other director dared to do. He brought the Arrow TV series and offered a new life to DC’s Green Arrow. Now eight seasons have passed and Arrow has become one of people’s favourite DC Comics superheroes.

green arrow cosplay by fans

  • Arrow Is quite creative:

All the fans love how creative Arrow is. His mind works much faster than other superheroes. He always focused on his goals and he can find a solution to overcome any obstacle the villains put in his way. His doughnut arrows, baby rattle arrows, tumbleweed arrows, mummy arrows, antler arrow, bubblegum arrows, etc. are pretty creative weapons. He always creatively defeats those villains. That’s why you get more options to cosplay when portraying Green Arrow.

  • He fights some of the most powerful villains:

It seems like DC Comics creators do not want Arrow to deal with normal criminals. They feature some of the most powerful villains who always try to harm common people. As you know, Oliver Queen has no superpowers. He owns only archery skills and he never misses his shots. That’s why he dares to fight everyone who tries to harm people.

green arrow cosplay by fans 2

  • He has a unique identity:

Arrow’s story features a rich playboy who gets stuck on an island where he learns archery. He reveals evil plans of the villains and he decides to fight them without any superpower. That daring nature of this character makes him more interesting than others.

There are many other reasons to choose Arrow. The Green Arrow Cosplay Costumes can be easily available on online costume shops. That’s another good reason to choose Arrow.